What is ASP.NET MVC?

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ASP.NET MVC Means ASP.NET Model View Controller

ASP.NET MVC was created by Microsoft in 2007 based on the MVC framework like Ruby on Rails, Spring etc
Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces. it is Made from three main concept of

  1. Model
  2. view
  3. Controller
MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture

Model is a logical layer and Business layer of MVC. Model is an object representing data or even activity,It does not depend on View and Controller

It is a Presentation layer of MVC. it is present view of our WebApplications Page. it calls the methods from controller while clicking and all events

Controller is a middle layer of view and model. so it interact with model and view both. it receives all the request from view and process it and get data from Model and then pass data to view page. it is called as logical layer.


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