IF condition in SQL Server

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This tutorial will show you how to use IF condition in SQL Server?

If condition works in SQL server in the same way it works in other programming language.

DECLARE @pdId int
 SET @pdId = 11 -- change here
  IF(EXISTS(SELECT PersonalDetailsId FROM PersonalDetails WHERE PersonalDetailsId = @pdId))
      SELECT * FROM PersonalDetails WHERE PersonalDetailsId = @pdId
      SELECT 'No record found.' as Results

Look at above SQL code, we have first declared @pdId variable and setting its value as 11.In the next like we are checking for using EXISTS in-built function with parameter as the record from PersonalDetails whose PersonalDetailsId as @pdId. If the record is found, EXISTS returns true and the first IF block executes and gives all columns from PersonalDetails otherwise ‘No record found’ message is show.

Records found »


Records not found »


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