Using ExpandoObject class in C# Example

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DLR is created using the classes and interfaces of the System.Dynamic namespace. This namespace contains classes, such as ExpandoObject and DynamicObject. These classes are used to implement runtime features in C#.

The ExpandoObject class is a class whose members can be explicilty added and removed at run time. The object of this class can be initialized dynamically at runtime.

In other words, the ExpandoObject class allows dynamic binding of the objects, which enables you to use standard syntax, similar to the dynobj.Method method instead of using more complex syntax, such as dynobj.getAttribute("Method").

The instance of the ExpandoObject class that is passed as a parameter is treated as dynamic objects in C#. This indicates that the IntelliSense does not work for object members; therefore, the compiler does not raise any errors when non-existent members are called. However an exception occurs at run time when a non-existent member is called in the program.

class Program
    public static void Main(string[] args)
        //creating variables of dynamic data type
        dynamic son, father;

        //initializing an object of ExpandoObject class
        son = new ExpandoObject();
        son.Name = "Son";
        son.Age = 22;

        father = new ExpandoObject();
        father.Name = "Father";
        father.Age = 45;



    public static void DynamicWrite(dynamic member)
        Console.WriteLine("{0} is {1} years old.", member.Name, member.Age);

the output of the above program…



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