Remove decimal places from string in Crystal Report

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When you’re attempting to use a number, which is a string, in a formula but the output has leading decimal places.

If you’re convert number to text using ToText(x) function, it will also add decimal places.

To fix the output, you need to use ToText(x, y, z) function as shown in below code:

The ToText function can be used to convert number, date, boolean, or time values to a string (text). It provides you with controls that let you control how the resulting string looks.

Here, we ToText(x, y, z) function to remove decimal places.

x = The number to convert to text.
y = The number of decimal places to include in result (optional). The value will be rounded to that decimal place.
z = The character to use as the thousands separator. If you don’t specify one, it will use your application default. (Optional.)

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