How to Find broken Links automatically in WordPress ?

Updated on     Kisan Patel


How to Find broken Links automatically in WordPress?


Broken links are annoying for your visitors and can be difficult to find. A WordPress plug-in called Broken Link Checker can seek out and help fix these annoyances.

To install Broken Link Checker plugin from the Dashboard, click Plugins, Add New, and search for Broken Link Checker.


Click install Now, then Activate the plugin.


Now, Click Settings and start the scanner. All your posts will be put in a queue and the scanner will follow links to test if they are working. Click the Look for Links in tab to choose where the plug-in should look. When it’s done, click “Found xx broken links”.


Each link is listed. Click it for more information. Clicking the Source link will take you to the appropriate editor of the element where the broken link is located so you can fine-tune it.


If you prefer, tick the boxes of a number of links and perform a bulk action, such as deleting every comment that contains a broken link.


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