Crystal Report – display each or specific number of rows in each page

Updated on     Kisan Patel

This tutorial will explain you how to display one one row in each page or specific number of rows in each page in crystal report.

To display each record in each page, right click in Details section, click “Section Expert”, then open “Paging” tab and check with the “New Page Before” or “New Page After” options in Section Expert.


You can display specific number of records in each page by following below steps:

  • Open the report in Design View.
  • Right click on the Details section and select Section Expert.
  • Make sure the Details section is selected in the Section Expert dialog box. Check the box that says “End of Section” under “New Page After”.


  • Click the formula editor button to the right of the checkbox and enter the following formula:
if Remainder (RecordNumber, 10) = 0 then true else false
  • Click Save and Close and then click OK.
  • If you run the report it should break after each 10 rows.

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